Back from Monpellier

Par Yorick dans la catégorie Diffusion

During the two passed weeks, Gigacircus was on tour, from Annecy (Festival International de Films Latino-Américains ) to Marseille, and Montpellier, where AmeXica sKin (Kawenga espace d'art) Danzar o Morir ( Médiathèque F. Fellini ) where both presented to the public.


Lionel Camburet made a "Danzar o Morir" performance about Raràmuris, and Sylvie Marchand made an autobiographic story telling performance structured by her films, underlining her artistic approach.

La performance de Lionel

Inspired by our Mexican's friend Gustavo Alvarez (performancear o Morir) who came in february in France, Lionel mentiones Raràmuri's motto : Dance or Die. Raràmuri lives in the northern Mexico, treathened by narcotraffic and foresters.

Présentation d'un triptyque par Sylvie Marchand

Sylvie told an art & life story : starting from her circus experience with "D'or et D'Asphalte", to migration trails in the souther USA with "Arizona Skin - Migration trails". Her story telling performance took us through "Rouge Bayou" shot in Louisiana, "Temps d'Histoires pour Compostelle", "Somewhere Else", and "Tsaagan Yavaraï".


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